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What Is Year-Over-Year YOY?

For instance, rather than use the raw numbers to show how much a company’s net profit has increased between Q and Q1 2020, a year over year percentage change is expressed by saying that profit has increased by 18%. Investors often put great emphasis in a company’s Yoy growth when deciding whether to invest in […]

Dark matter Wikipedia

Baryon acoustic oscillations (BAO) are fluctuations in the density of the visible baryonic matter (normal matter) of the universe on large scales. These are predicted to arise in the Lambda-CDM model due to acoustic oscillations in the photon–baryon fluid of the early universe, and can be observed in the cosmic microwave background angular power spectrum. […]

Forex Leverage: A Quick and Easy Guide for Beginners

Leverage can amplify gains or losses, making it essential for traders to adjust position sizes based on their strategy and risk tolerance. Excessive leverage can lead to amplified losses, margin calls, account liquidation, and heightened emotional stress for traders. However, this means limited profit potential and may require larger capital for sizable positions. While margin-based […]