How to Get Sober and What to Expect

Sobriety can be an incredible way to shed relationships you’ve outgrown as well as find new ones that align with your new values. This isn’t to say that all of your friends will be threatened, or that all of your friendships will change. Some will certainly remain, but even those aren’t necessarily long-game friendships. Sobriety is kind of like the fast-pass line at Disneyland, except the ride is growing up.

being sober sucks

If you are feeling exhausted, refresh with a quick walk outside or a coffee nap if you can. I know, I know, this website is called “Recovery Connection” and it is designed to encourage those who are suffering the slings and arrows of addiction to get help. It is also an educational tool for addiction professionals and those in recovery, and I am here to tell you I had some unexpected lessons to learn when I became sober. At the time, I wrote an op-ed on why hookup culture was in its “flop era.” I proudly wrote, “Sex is great… but with who? For heterosexual women in the chat, casual sex has long been a double-edged sword.

Social Drinker – Or On The Way To Problem Drinking?

According to Merriam-Webster, being sober simply means abstaining from alcohol and drugs. Though some people are sober for their entire lives, others may have sober episodes of a few years, months, or even days. Much of our social behaviors involve the use of substances in one form or another.

  • It doesn’t take long for thoughts to become words and words to become actions.
  • Ask any sober person whether they want to go to a cocktail party or stay in with a pack of La Croix, The Crown, and a bathrobe.
  • It might sound counter-intuitive, but drinking or using drugs really isn’t that much fun.

It’s a subversive, hardcore choice to take your life into your own hands. It’s an opportunity to grow into your bones, and every single crap thing that happens to you on the way only makes you stronger. I don’t have that much sex, and that’s more like me saying, I no longer lower my standards and sleep with just anyone being sober sucks because of beer goggles. There’s no easy pass for me anymore, no more getting drunk and slipping past the part where you get to know each other. There’s no more not caring if they see your cellulite or whatever you’re hiding under there; and you will, once and for all, discover that sex is never like in the movies.

And have you heard? That drunk one loves [insert person here].

My unique position has afforded me a rare glimpse into the behavioral patterns of the plastered, plowed, tipsy, smashed, buzzed, blottoed, and otherwise inebriated. Here are 15 things I have learned by being the only sober person around. From being outside sweaty, running around and playing with bugs in the mud, to laughing at farts (I still do that) and wrestling with your friends. There is such a calm presence with children because they haven’t yet been mentally affected by themselves. They don’t worry about paying bills, providing for anyone, or how their stocks are doing.

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