How to extract a tar file tgz in windows?

Before becoming a technology writer, he was an IT administrator for seven years. In total, Mauro has over 20 years of combined experience in technology. You can follow him on X (Twitter), YouTube, LinkedIn and If you have a file on your PC or Mac that ends with .TAR, the blockchain what it is and why will it change the world it’s an archive file that typically contains one or more files or folders that need to be unpacked. If the file’s name ends with .TGZ or .TAR.GZ, the file is not only archived in the TAR format, but also compressed, which makes for faster and easier transfer between computers.

1.Double-click on the 7-zip shortcut on desktop which you just created. 5.When the download is completed, double-click on the downloaded file. You now have one third-party application installed request for proposal on the device to Unzip Linux TAR Format on Windows. If you have an error which is not present in the article, or if you know a better solution, please help us to improve this guide.

  1. However, zip files are compressed by definition; tar files can be compressed, but don’t have to be.
  2. If you’re not comfortable with the terminal or command line, third-party tools such as 7-Zip offer a more user-friendly alternative.
  3. However, there are certain categories of File Size Compressions present for each type of Operating System.

While there are many tools to choose from, the most popular include 7-Zip and WinZip. While slightly different, they are quite lightweight and offer a much simpler alternative to using the command line. You can also use –wildcards to extract all files with a certain extension or name.

Thankfully, you don’t need to be a 1960s computer technician to use and extract .tar files – nor do modern .tar files even have anything to do with old computers. The main difference between TAR files and other archive formats is that they do not compress the files into a smaller space, they simply collate them. So if you are looking for a space-saving format you will need to combine TAR files with a third party compression software such as WinZip to create, for example, GZIP or Bz2 files. It’s easy to get confused when navigating between .tar, .tar.gz, and .gz – not to mention zipping and unzipping them.

Using the Command Line (cmd)

It is a third-party converter service available on browser. Users can convert up to 25 files per day using the free-version of Cloudconvert. UnxUtils includes tar and gunzip programs, among other things one can’t live without after getting used to a Unix shell. Uncover your website’s performance bottlenecks to deliver a better user experience.

A file using .tar.gz format is a file that has been created using the Unix-based archival application tar and then compressed using the gzip compression. These files are often referred to as “tarballs.” While you can find them with a double extension (.tar.gz), the extension can also be shortened to .tgz or .gz. Where commands have little (if any) room for typos or omissions, many common errors are the result of small mistakes, misspellings, or incorrect formats. Thankfully, unless you’re somehow missing your tar or gzip utility, most common errors are very easy to fix. Though gzip is the most common compression utility, it’s not the only one. As you might imagine, using a different compression utility on a .tar file will result in a different double extension.

Again, the above commands will extract to the current working directory by default. You can use the -C option to extract to a different directory (in this case, /home/user/files). Most Linux distributions and macOS include built-in tools for zipping and unzipping .tar and .tar.gz files. While the tar utility is enough for most purposes, you’ll need the gzip utility to create .tar.gz files. For sending and storing, both .zip and .tar.gz files will allow you to send relatively large packages as a single file. However, there are some pretty major differences when it comes to accessing data within the files and the compression efficiency.

How to extract a tar file (.tgz) in windows?

Where most operating systems make it easy to extract and create .zip files, the same can’t really be said for .tar files — at least not in ways that are easy to notice. If you would also like to add compression to your tar files, you can combine the gzip utility with tar on the command line by adding the z switch to the command. Usually when this is done, we change the suffix of our tar filename from .tar to either .tgz or .tar.gz.

Displaying the Contents of a tar file

TAR files can even be read on some Android devices, making it a useful universal tool. In addition to TAR files, 7-Zip can also work with 35+ different file types, so you can use it to work with other archive file types. TAR files are similar to ZIP files in many ways since they allow you to store multiple files into a single file. This file type is mostly used on Linux, but you can sometimes encounter it on Windows as well. Like the tar utility, gzip also allows you to zip and unzip multiple files or entire directories at a time. Note that this command will throw an error unless you specify the exact filename listed in the .tar file.

The software also offers strong AES 256-bit encryption, so you can easily protect your files. If you want to keep the original file after compression, there are two options. The first is the -k option, and the other uses the -c option to output the compressed file to a different file, preserving the original.

It may sound like a silly mistake, but it’s surprisingly common in situations where users directly rename files and their extensions (such as .tar and .gz) in the process. With the command prompt open, use the appropriate commands to change the current working directory (cd) to the location of the .tar.gz file you want to unzip. Alternatively, you can also specify a source and destination help desk engineer salary file path when using the tar utility. Unlike Windows’ convenient graphical user interface (GUI) for unzipping .zip files, you’ll need to use the tar utility through the command line. However, there are also many third-party tools you can install for a more user-friendly experience. You can create your own compressed .tar files using compression utilities such as gzip.

This is an independent site, and producing content takes a lot of hard work. Although more people are reading Pureinfotech, many use adblocker and AI. And unlike many other sites, there is no paywall blocking readers here. If everyone finds this website useful and helps to support it, the future would be much more secure. While WinZip does not create TAR files, it does create Zip files.

Instead of sharing the big files at a time, individuals Zip File Sizes over desktops or laptops and distribute them to the required destination. However, there are certain categories of File Size Compressions present for each type of Operating System. The software is incredibly simple to use and to open a TAR file or any other archive, you just need to double-click it and WinZip will do the rest. It’s overkill just to unpack one tarball, but if you like the Linux command line tools, Cygwin is well worth installing. Similar to the previous error, this error occurs when an archive was saved as a .tar despite not being a .tar archive.

Without a third-party application, you will be forced to use Command Prompt to access the TAR files which involves using some complex command which is not recommended for everyone. It is assumed that you are extracting a tarball created on another system. We are skipping some arguments usually necessary to preserve permissions, which on Windows 10 are not required to access the files. You have to select the TAR File & want to choose the operation. If you want, it will convert the TAR File to RAR file which is the Native File Compressor for Windows. To do this, on your Linux system press Ctrl+Al+T to access the Linux Command Line.

Zip files are similar to TAR files and have many of the same benefits and more accessibility. Let us know if you managed to solve your tech problem reading this article. Before joining WindowsReport, he worked as a front-end web developer. WinZip also offers file protection, allowing you to encrypt and protect your files from unauthorized access.

Some common examples include .tar.bz2 (bzip2), (Brotli), and .tar.zst (zstd), among many others. Using third party file conversion software such as WinZip makes converting files easy. UNIX users will be familiar with TAR files, particularly if they frequently download or share files with other users. TAR files are archived folders which simply group multiple files together.

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